What a Spotify vocal assistant might do

Spotify is testing a virtual assistant to compete with Apple Siri. It’s probably the main component of a future smart speaker dedicated to music listening, like HomePod (Compared to whom, Google Home and Alexa are not music dedicated). As a Spotify happy customer and vocal interface advocate, I’m up to now frustrated by assistants’ music experience.

Vocal interface is particularly well adapted to music listening. No joke. To listen music user needs to perform basic tasks such as play, next, previous, program, random, stop (remember your last CD player front buttons). More than these basic actions, user experience could strongly benefit from vocal interface to enrich music listening.

Lets imagine some user dialogs to extend the music experience.

Music News : user wants some news
What are new album/ single release ? What is last single from The Cure ? What is last album from The Cure ? Is The Cure making a new album ? What are last new-wave release ? When is The Cure next concert in France ? What are last news about The Cure ? What are last news about new-wave music ? Recommend-me some songs among last releases.

Music Discover : user wants to discover music
Find me similar to The Cure artists. Find me similar songs to From the edge of the deep green sea. Find me tribute to The Cure albums. Recommend-me some songs. Find me music from the 80’s to dance. Find me music from the 80’s to relax. Play random new-wave album.

Music Listening Basics : CD player
Play The Cure Disintegration Album. Plays songs 3, 6, 7. Next. Previous. Random play The Cure Disintegration. Play The Cure radio. Pause. Stop.

Music Sharing : user wants social interactions
Send my playlist Crawley music with my friend Robert. I rate The Cure Disintegration 5 on 5. Share my playlist Crawley music on my Facebook page. Share my current listening on my Facebook Page. Ask my friend Robert to rate my playlist Crawley music. What songs my friend have shared to me ?

Music Charts : user wants to be up to date
What is the current top of charts in France ? What is the current top of charts in Lille ? What is the best progression in chart in France ? What is the top of charts for thirty-year-old in France ? What is the top of chart in new wave ?

Music Culture : user wants to extend his music culture
What was the release date of Disintegration from The Cure ? Who are the current members of The Cure ? What is the music genre of The Cure ? When was the first album of The Cure released ? Who were the first members of The Cure ? What are solo albums of The Cure members ? What are best (rated) new-wave albums ? Who are the influences of The Cure ? Who are influenced by The Cure ? BONUS : What is the song played during the handbag fight in Ant-Man ? What is the best album ever according to South Park ?

Music learning : user want to learn music
Find me a song to practice guitar for beginner.

Remember that vocal interface is faster, more accessible and less limited by space (layout) than visual one.

from Stories by Renaud Joly on Medium http://bit.ly/2GEtSLx